08/27/2012 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dora The Tank Engine: 9-Year-Old Combines Puzzles Cut From The Same Pattern (PHOTO)

Dora, Caillou, Sesame, Thomas... Do your kids' favorite TV shows sometimes blend together in your mind? If so, this image of Dora The Tank Explorer is for you.

According to the post on Reddit, TactileIre's 9-year-old son was playing with two separate jigsaw puzzles when he discovered something he probably didn't expect: the pieces were cut to the same pattern, and therefore interchangeable.

Compared to some of the most complicated puzzles out there, of course, these two 60-piece jigsaws are child's play. But the 9-year-old's resourcefulness in combining them has found an appreciative audience online -- with one imgur commenter calling him "the Picasso of jigsaw puzzlers."

Since the puzzles feature every preschooler's heroes (Dora! Thomas!) the result is reminiscent of nothing more than a parent's brain on cartoon overload. Check it out for yourself below -- and click here to see the combined puzzles as an animated gif (if you dare).

One Redditor points out that Ms. Dora "has enough of a face on both puzzles for your brain to give her priority." If you're having trouble getting D-d-d-dora out of your mind and untangling the individual puzzles too, check out iownaredball's remix:

Hours after posting the 9-year-old's handiwork on Reddit, TactileIre thanked fellow Redditors for the enthusiastic response and wrote: "My boy is going to be so stoked with the comments and the photoshop work will blow his mind. I promise to post pics of his reaction when he's back with me."