08/27/2012 06:07 pm ET

Fun With WAR: How Good Is Your MLB Team?

OK, so there has been a lot of discussion in baseball circles about the statistic WAR -- Wins Above Replacement -- and how people feel about it. There are WAR hawks, who believe it’s a giant leap forward in baseball analysis. There are WAR protesters, who think it’s an utterly unintelligible statistic that works at dehumanizing the game. And there are WAR agnostics, who think that it’s a stat in progress, that there are good and bad things about it, and that it’s hardly one-stop stat-shopping, but that it adds to the picture.


So, here’s what I did. I plugged all 30 teams into a spreadsheet, and figured out what their record SHOULD BE, based on their WAR (through Aug. 23). I then compared it to what their record actually is.

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