08/27/2012 01:22 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Jon Stewart Delivers Convocation Address For MTVU, Urges College Students To Vote (VIDEO)

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Jon Stewart may not use his B.A. in Psychology from William & Mary every night on "The Daily Show," but that doesn't mean his college experiences didn't shape him. And from what we can tell from his convocation address for MtvU, his college experience may have involved some mild streaking.

In the video above which will be shown on campus TVs across the country, Stewart welcomes college students back to school from the set of "The Daily Show." He encourages our nation's young people to make the most of their time in college and not to be discouraged by the rough economy, but most importantly of all, he urges them to get out there and vote come November:

"Voting is a responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Many people throughout history have fought for your right to do so. They've "rocked" the vote, even accepted the difficult choice of "Vote Or Die." Here's a hint: pick the first one."

And remember, kids: Paul Ryan is not the same person as Ron Paul.

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