08/27/2012 07:45 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

'Married To Jonas': Danielle Throws Kevin A Personal Prom To Make Up For Him Missing His (VIDEO)

It's official: Viewers may love "Married to Jonas" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on E!) almost as much as Danielle and Kevin love one another. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the premiere of the new reality show scored the network's best premiere ratings in more than a year, nabbing almost 2 million viewers.

This week all those eyeballs got to witness Danielle treat Kevin to a high school rite of passage he'd never gotten. While she was helping her little sister prepare for her first prom, Kevin admitted to his wife that he had some regrets about skipping his own senior prom back in 2006.

Danielle surprised him with a private prom for him in their basement. She had it decorated with streamers and balloons and made it a sweet and memorable moment for her husband. It was a genuine gesture of love that was both touching and real.

"You give me the best memories, Dani," Kevin whispered into his wife's ear as they danced the night away.

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