08/28/2012 09:12 am ET

Skylyr Bento 'Undroppable': Massachusetts Teen Grew Up With Cocaine-Addicted Mother (VIDEO)

This video is part of "Undroppable," a documentary project from @Jason_Pollock that tells the stories of young people who have overcome significant obstacles to graduate from high school.

Recent high school graduate Skylyr Bento spent his childhood moving from one home to another and struggling to make new friends wherever he went. At eight years old, he was forced to leave the house he grew up in and move in with his sister's father because his mother -- unemployed and on welfare -- was not in a position to support him. The hardest thing for Skylyr was finding out the reason he couldn't live with his mom: She was a struggling cocaine addict. But Skylyr says that nothing could make him love her any less.

"I still love my mother to death," he says. "My mother, to this day, is my best friend."

And she will be looking on with pride as her son attends Berklee College of Music in the fall and pursues his dream of becoming a rapper.

"I plan on taking every step I can through my college career to network as much as possible, to get as known as possible," he says. "But post-college, my largest goal is eventually to change the world."

Watch the video above to hear Skylyr tell his story, and visit the "Undroppable" YouTube channel for more videos.

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