09/02/2012 09:58 am ET

Photobombing Gallery: Bad Pictures Made Awesome, Now In Book Form (PHOTOS)

As long as there have been cameras, there have been photobombs, the term applied to pics where something unexpected -- and often embarrassing -- happens in the background of a shot.

But the rise of digital cameras in the last decade has made it so photos that would ordinarily be rejected are now kept and, if bizarre enough, enjoyed as the accidental "messterpieces" they are, according to unofficial photobomb historian Beverly Jenkins.

"I have one photobomb that dates back to 1880," Jenkins told The Huffington Post last November. "The term may be new, but I think it's been around since the first person held rabbit ears behind the head of someone."

Despite its rich history, photobombing is only now getting immortalized in a book, "Oddee Presents: Photobombed!: Making Bad Pictures Great and Good Pictures Awesomely Bad."


Photobombed!: Making Bad Pictures Great and Good Pictures Awesomely Bad (NSFW)

The book was compiled and written by Jenkins, with the help of readers of, a website that has presented all sorts of odd things since its inception in 2007.

Defining a photobomb can be as obtuse as the Supreme Court's definition of obscenity -- "I know it when I see it" -- but Jenkins said there are five things that are especially good at creating photobomb opportunities: Inserting oneself into a stranger's photo; weddings; parties; TVs in the background; and animals answering nature's call when the shot is being taken.

"It seems like photobombs happen all the time," Jenkins told The Huffington Post. "Everyone has one, even if they don't call it that."

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