08/28/2012 08:06 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

Kate Upton For Skullcandy: The Model Gets Three Additions To Her Supermodel Crew (PHOTOS)

Kate Upton's partnership with Skullcandy was announced back in March, but now the blonde bombshell has a whole new group of friends as the brand reveals its Supermodel Crew.

The headphone company chose the Sports Illustrated cover girl to spearhead their campaign along with Chrissy Teigen (a fellow Sports Illustrated swimsuit model), Jessica Stam and Chanel Iman -- not a bad group of ladies to associate yourself with as a model. But we couldn't help but notice the striking difference between the shots of the ladies. Kate's cleavage received front and center attention in every photo while the other models were decidedly more covered up. (Jessica even wore sweatpants in one photo!)

Now we know that Kate's curves have garnered her a lot of positive (and negative) attention, and they're definitely on display here -- much more than the other girls'. One shot even features Kate in a bikini top, an opened leather jacket and an unzipped pair of shorts. We imagine that if you have enough forethought to bring your expensive headphones that you can manage to zip up your clothing before you leave the house, but that's just us.

All of the campaign's ladies will create customized aviator headphones and be featured in the brand's Model Mondays for the month of September, so it actually sounds like a pretty fun gig. As for Kate's styling, we guess we should learn to accept that she may not be angling for a high fashion career per say. But we guess we'll just have to wait and see if she really is being featured in Carine Roitfeld's forthcoming glossy. Because that, coupled with her Vogue editorial from July, would certainly give the blonde bombshell some major fashion cred.

Check out the photos of the Skullcandy campaign below and tell us what you think.


Skullcandy Model Crew

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