08/28/2012 05:31 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

'Locked Up Abroad': Woman Forced To Eat Maggot-Infested Food In Thai Prison (VIDEO)

Sometimes people have to learn things the hard way, but Angela Carnegie's hard way was truly awful. "Locked Up Abroad" (Mon., 10 p.m. ET on National Geographic) talked about how she spent nine years in a foreign prison for committing a crime she hadn't even been all that sure she wanted to do.

Carnegie was coming off of a bad breakup and decided to take up a friend on an offer to make some quick cash. All she had to do was smuggle some heroin out of Thailand. Only Carnegie didn't make it back. Instead, she got caught and sent to prison.

She detailed the horrific conditions she endured while there, including maggots in the food and a gutter of human waste around the prison that would overflow into the showers.

Truly reformed from wanting a life of crime after her experience, Carnegie reached out to the man she'd broken up with nine years prior once she was freed and sent back to the United States. He'd warned her against trying to smuggle the drugs in the first place.

Carnegie said she'd thought of him a lot, and after an eight-hour phone conversation after she returned, their paths were intertwined again. Nine years later, they're happily married.

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