Man Falls Through Floor: Eoin, Bar Worker, Tumbles Through Open Trap Door While Walking And Watching TV

A sound man at a bar in Spain recently had a bad day when he found himself shafted at work.

Eoin is shown in the above security footage walking and watching a television before plunging feet-first into what appears to be a bottomless elevator shaft (it's actually only 10 feet deep, according to Gawker). He's able to grab the side of the opening before tumbling downward and landing on the top of the freight elevator, reportedly only spraining his knee and ankle. His coworkers are seen rushing to his aid, both from the top floor and the lower level.

As in Eoin's case, multitasking while paying attention to technology seems to be a recipe for disaster. Earlier this year, a girl in China was walking down the street and looking down at her phone, not realizing that she was approaching a sinkhole until it was too late. Luckily, a taxi driver witnessed the event and called for help, saving the girl's life.

In a tragically ironic incident, a college student from Texas was texting a friend, "I need to stop texting," right before driving off a cliff. He miraculously survived the crash.

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