08/28/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

Martha Corey-Ochoa, Columbia University Student, Plunges To Death Out Of Dorm Window

A Columbia University freshman fell out of her dorm window to her death on Monday evening.

Martha Corey-Ochoa of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., fell 14-stories out of the John Jay residence hall on the Columbia campus. Two freshmen found Corey-Ochoa lying on Amsterdam Avenue, and she was pronounced dead at St. Luke's hospital sometime later. Police have not released whether they believe the death is a suicide or accidental.

"She was very excited" about starting at Columbia, fellow freshman Angela Singh told, "I felt really upset. She was the first person I met here...She was really happy to be here."

Corey-Ochoa was the valedictorian at Dobbs-Ferry High School and was planning to double major in mathematics and English at Columbia. She played violin and was working on a novel set in 17th century England.

Friends remember Corey-Ochoa as an extremely gifted young woman who adored her parents.

"She was a very intelligent girl, a wonderful musician, and she was very devoted to her parents. She was a very caring daughter," Roberta Reynolds, a long-time neighbor of the Corey-Ochoa family told

'There was no question she was going to be successful,' another neighbor Cheryl Beer told the Daily Mail. "Everything she did she was driven to do. We used to hear her playing violin when most kids were out playing."