'Parenthood' And 23 More TV Shows Based On Movies

Box office success equates to TV ratings dynamite, right? Nope. For every "M*A*S*H," there's a "Working Girl."

Yes, there was a short-lived "Working Girl" TV series. The 1990 show, starring Sandra Bullock as Tess McGill and based on the hit 1988 movie with Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith, lasted just a few months. Many films from the '80s and early '90s made the jump from film to TV and the majority were extremely short-lived, fading away into obscurity after just a few episodes.

However, there have been some successes, but few and far between. One of the current movie-inspired TV series is NBC's "Parenthood," which is entering its fourth season. Not exactly a ratings champion, the series has won the hearts of millions of viewers.

The latest possible addition to this trend? "Beverly Hills Cop." According to Vulture, Eddie Murphy, who starred in the film franchise, is partnering with "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan on a TV version. The duo have started pitching networks and if it comes to fruition, Murphy would have a role on the series.

Below, relive some of the TV shows based on movies and spot the famous faces who appeared in these shows long before they were household names, like Jennifer Aniston to Patrick Dempsey.

[Editor's note: There was a TV series based on "A League of Their Own" in 1993, but video is near impossible to find on the Internet. If you have, please share!]

"Parenthood" Season 4 premieres on NBC on Tuesday, September 11 at 10 p.m. ET.

TV Shows Based on Movies