08/29/2012 10:58 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Barack Obama's Art Collection

As we parade into election season, any second spent thinking about anything other than politics seems downright un-American. Keeping that in mind, don't be surprised if our listicles over the next few months have a surprisingly political bent. Don't you want to know Mitt Romney's favorite artworks? Well, you'll find that out next week. This week, we take a snapshot look at the White House's art collection. When Barack Obama first took office, there was a flurry of excitement surrounding which artworks he would add to the White House. What do these works tell us about Barack--and Michelle? Well, it's hard to tell, so we paired each painting with a quotation by one of the Obamas. Read through this slide show and you'll almost certainly learn something about the presidential couple you didn't already know.

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