08/30/2012 02:16 pm ET

Ex-Sheriff Patrick Sullivan, Convicted Of Possessing Meth And Soliciting A Prostitute, Violated Probation Terms

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan violated the terms of his probation and his probation officer wants him to volunteer to a mental health evaluation.

Sullivan pleaded guilty in April to possession of methamphetamines and soliciting a prostitute. He was sentenced to 30 days in the jail that was once named after him, two years probation and a $1,100 fine but was released after just 17 days for "good time served," which is available to all inmates.

Hallie Miller, Sullivan's probation officer, wrote in a report filed July 9 that he was required to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring device, though the report didn't say exactly what terms Sullivan has violated.

"However, the defendant's continued violations indicate the defendant chooses to not abide by Court orders," the report read.

According to CBS4, the report indicated that Sullivan has been contacting someone with whom he's had a financial relationship in the past, and someone who Sullivan has "previously had authority over."

The report went on to say:

The above information leads the probation department to be concerned about the defendant in the community.

It then asked for Sullivan to voluntarily participate in a mental health evaluation.



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