08/29/2012 03:12 pm ET

Office Playlist: Mindy Kaling Has Rihanna On Hers -- What's On Yours?

It's a truth (that should be) universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a job sometimes needs a pump-up song -- or five -- during the day to keep her spirits up.

The LA Times reported that Mindy Kaling uses Rihanna tunes to get her writers' room motivated. "Rihanna is a big favorite," said Kaling. "Whatever the reason the guys on my staff can get behind it. They think she's just super hot and intimidating. I can listen ... and feel inspired by it because everyone is into it." (Apparently "Run This Town" is her staff's particular favorite.)

You may not be able to blast music at work -- we certainly can't just bust out Rihanna at all hours in the newsroom -- but you probably have a go-to song or two that you like to play early in the morning, or during your mid-afternoon food coma. We crowd-sourced some female HuffPost Editors and came up with our very own sure-to-make-you-happy office playlist. Tell us in the comments what you listen to!

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