08/29/2012 11:07 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Scott Walker Cries During Paul Ryan Republican National Convention Speech (VIDEO)

TAMPA, Fla. -- Less than 10 minutes into Rep. Paul Ryan's vice presidential nomination speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was seen with a big tear running down his face.

At the time, Ryan had just finished introducing his family and mentioning his father, also named Paul Ryan, who died when Ryan was a teenager.

Walker isn't known as a particularly emotional lawmaker, not like House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who is known for getting emotional, sometimes even weeping outright at political events.

Walker survived a recall effort last year prompted by a public outcry over his intent to limit bargaining rights for public employee unions.

The tears were not entirely out of place. Ryan's speech was characterized by his ability to make economic points sound emotional, a tactic which was highly successful with the GOP convention crowd.

As he spoke, both men and women in the audience had tears streaming down their faces.



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