08/29/2012 04:48 pm ET

Taylor Swift Talks Conor Kennedy, Love Of Hip-Hop In 'Rolling Stone'

By now, everyone and their mother knows that Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy (Conor, 18, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.), and that the leggy country crooner all but party-bombed a Kennedy wedding last week ("I personally went up to Ms. Swift…and asked her nicely as I could to leave," the bride's mother said).

But the top-earning entertainer under 30 is not stopping there. She's already bought that $4.9 million vacation home near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., which she alludes to in a new interview in Rolling Stone. "That would be so amazing," Swift gushed to the publication.

Other things the 22-year-old gushed about? Her love for R&B hip-hop ("I love Wiz Khalifa" -- how quirky!) and collaborating with industry pros Max Martin and Dan Wilson for her fourth album, "Red" (out October 22). She also expounded on love, just generally. "Trying to chronicle each step of the way was challenging, because you go to some really dark places with the lyrics. Then in the next track, you're talking about how amazing it is to meet someone new," Swift said.

Not that we're sensing a trend here [insert Taylor Swift surprise face here], but … Conor, you listening?

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