08/29/2012 02:42 pm ET

Union Square Fight: Do A Plainsclothes Cop And Security Guard Fail To Intervene In Beating? (VIDEO)

Considering the New York City cops have a penchant for petty arrests, one might believe the sight of a man brutally beating another man in the middle of Union Square would prompt an officer to intervene.

A new video may prove otherwise.

Although some bystanders attempt to step in and break up the fighting, two men--one of whom appears to be a plainsclothes officer with a badge around his neck, the other some kind of security guard-- do not.

Eventually, the victim of the beating manages to run away from his assailant, shoeless, across the street.

In recent weeks, we've become accustomed to a NYPD that perhaps overreacts to public violence, instead of not reacting at all.

Earlier this month, officers shot 12 bullets at a knife-wielding man in Times Square. A few days later police shot a dog protecting its owner in the East Village.

We're reaching out to the uploader of the YouTube video (who appears to have some affiliation with Occupy Wall Street) for more details, and will update if we hear of anything.

[VIA Gothamist ]