08/29/2012 12:35 pm ET

Vacation Days: Which Cities Take The Least, Most (PHOTOS)

Of those who reside in the nation's largest cities, residents of Chicago are least likely to take a vacation, according to a new survey. Washingtonians, on the other hand, are the most likely to use up those vacation days.

The survey, from private destination club Inspirato, polled 2,534 residents of America's 10 largest cities that are 18 years old or older on their vacation habits.

"In 2012 alone, residents of Atlanta and Washington, D.C. are significantly more likely to have taken or plan to take a vacation, compared to those in several other cities," the company said in a press release. "Conversely, Chicagoans and Philadelphians are significantly less likely than those in several other cities to be taking a vacation this year."

The percentage of those taking vacations this year is down across the board.

Also analysed by the survey are the number of leisure vacations taken each year, how much vacation time is given by employers and what percentage of that vacation allotment is typically used. See all of the results here.

Scroll though the slideshow below to see how the cities compare.

According to a report, nearly half of U.S. workers leave vacation days unused. Although, one survey found that vacation time in Canada is less than in any other developed country.

Europeans, on the other hand, have a pretty sweet vacation deal. And, Germans and Danes top the list of longest paid vacations in the EU with a whopping 30 days per year. Compare that to Americans who get 14 days on average and fall low on a list comparing vacation days by country.



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