08/30/2012 03:57 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

'Big Brother': Dan's Solitary 'Breakdown' Throws The Whole Game A Curveball (VIDEO)

After the Power of Veto competition, Dan spent 24 hours in solitary confinement. He went in there as a dead man walking -- HOH Frank was gunning for him and he was already up for eviction -- but he came out a changed man. He also made a case for himself as one of the greatest to ever play "Big Brother" if this plan of his works, according to CarterMatt.

Dan came out of solitary and seemed resigned to his fate. He had a "funeral" for Dan the player, during which he completely threw his ally from the start, Danielle, under the bus. She was shattered, as she'd genuinely done nothing wrong.

While the rest of the house thought he was up giving a more personal apology to Frank in the HOH room, Dan was actually revealing everything to that point about the Quack Pack and Ian's duplicity. In doing so, he hatched a new plan.

Fortuitously, Jenn had already thrown her support behind Frank while winning the Power of Veto, and so Dan proposed a new alliance of four, including Danielle. Danielle would stay on the block -- but sympathy from his tirade should save her. Ian had a Power of Veto that he'd been convinced not to use so he couldn't be put on the block. So Jenn would use hers to take Dan off and Frank could back-door Ian's closest ally, Britney.

It all worked masterfully. So long as nothing messes it up before the live eviction on Thursday night's episode, it will definitely stand as one of the biggest moves of the season.

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