08/30/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Brenda Rippee, Makeup Stylist To The Stars, On Finding Balance By Helping Others, At The Huffington Post's Oasis

Makeup stylist Brenda Rippee inspired us at The Huffington Post's Oasis: her unplugging and recharging routine includes volunteering at a drug and alcohol rehab center and finding her inner beauty. Read more about how Brenda finds balance below.

1. How do you unplug and recharge?
Meditation, absolutely. I also give service back. I volunteer at a drug and alcohol rehab. It's a fantastic way for me to get out of my own head and be of service. I appreciate my life more when I am helping someone else to rediscover theirs. I've been doing that for nine years.

2. How many hours of sleep do you get?
Not enough! I always try to get eight to nine, but my average is six to seven. So the elusive two hours for me is the golden egg that falls through the cracks.

3. What's your top beauty tip (can be for inner or outer)?
Learn to love yourself first. No matter how much makeup you put on or how many clothes you buy, if you don't love yourself you will keep repeating your patterns because you'll keep trying to fix yourself from the outside when you need to [first] fix the inside.

4. What's your quick health fix to restore your energy when you start feeling run down?
After I do my inventory check (I run through my head to my toes and ask “where is it not feeling good?”), I do five minutes of meditation and speaking in tongues. After I do that, what comes to my mind is exactly what I need to do.

5. What foods keep you feeling balanced?
Sustainable, organice, raw, fresh vegetable juices -- juiced on the spot. And a shot of wheatgrass.

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