08/30/2012 06:33 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

'Dirty Jobs Down Under': Mike Rowe Commits Rookie Mistake With Deadly Snake (VIDEO)

Mike Rowe's manhood has never really been in question. He's proven himself up to any task on "Dirty Jobs," and his gung-ho attitude continues on "Dirty Jobs Down Under." But this week, the fact that he's not an expert at any of these positions he tackles almost turned around and bit him. Literally.

This week, Rowe was helping capture snakes in Australia, including a close encounter with the second-most venomous snake in the country. If it bit him, he could have been dead within fifteen minutes. And, as Rowe pointed out, the snake could easily bite through the pillowcase they were using to capture it.

He made a costly mistake at one point, losing track of the snake's tail. "Rookie move," Rowe admitted. Luckily, he managed to keep his grip on the snake's head and no one got hurt.

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