08/30/2012 03:04 pm ET

How To Pull A Loose Tooth: Little Boy Proves You've Been Doing It Wrong (VIDEO)

The first day of school is hectic -- lunches to pack, book bags to zip and buses to catch. Many parents know things don't always go as planned, despite efforts to implement a failsafe morning routine.

One family had a very specific setback this year -- first-grader Easton had a loose on his first day of grade school. But, instead of pulling the tooth in any usual way (eg. your fingers or, well, patience), Easton's parents got creative.

"We tied some dental floss to the back of a R/C monster truck and let Easton have the controls," his dad wrote on YouTube.

The boy chased after his tooth (once it was attached to the car) and had a fairly calm moment of realization, given the circumstances.

"I have some blood," he said. And then he gave the camera a toothy grin.