08/30/2012 06:39 am ET

'I Married A Mobster': Cover Girl Becomes Driver For Gambino Crime Family (VIDEO)

Georgia Durante's unexpected life journey was chronicles on the latest installment of "I Married a Mobster." She was a successful model, known as the Kodak girl, when she decided she wanted a change. She'd suffered several abuses by men over the years, and so had grown closer to some of her connections in the mob.

Soon, the cover girl found herself a driver for the Gambino crime family. She was appearing on the covers of magazines at the same time she was moving millions of dollars in packages for the family.

"I was appearing on covers of magazines, who was going to suspect me?" she asked.

She eventually got out of the crime business, but kept on driving. She found a successful career as a stuntwoman and eventually even founded her own Hollywood stunt company.

Georgia Durante tells her story in the book "The Company She Keeps," about her life in the mob and afterwards.

More true stories are revealed every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ID's "I Married a Mobster."

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