08/30/2012 12:35 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Gabrielle Samsock, Teen With Shone's Syndrome, Uses 'Make-A-Wish' To Go To Harvard Medical School

Gabrielle Samsock has spent her entire life getting poke and prodded by doctors. But when it came time for the 14-year-old with a rare heart condition to make one wish, she chose to go right back to the operating table.

On Aug. 20, the Pennsylvania native who suffers from Shone’s syndrome -- a condition that obstructs blood flow to and from the heart –- got the Make-A-Wish she’s always hoped for, FOX News reports. She spent a week studying at Harvard Medical School.

“My wish was inspired by my past medical problems,” she told the news outlet. “When I went to Boston [Children's Hospital] for surgeries, we’d pass by Harvard and I’d say, ‘Daddy, I’m going to go there when I’m older.’

The aspiring physician completed a one-week intensive program hand-crafted by Dr. Robert Kitts, clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School and attending physician at Boston Children's Hospital. During her brief academic stint, Gabrielle undertook an accelerated version of the typical four-year program -- complete with orientation, introductory education, and graduation.

She even had the chance to watch an open-heart surgery performed on a 2-month old child.

"She was totally fascinated," Dr. Kitts told the news outlet. "She said it reaffirmed her dream to be a doctor."

This isn't the first time that the foundation has granted a child's selfless wish to give back.

In May, Leland Camara, a 5-year-old Leukemia patient, requested two wishes: to visit Disneyland with his family, and to help hungry children in his Anchorage, Alaska community.

The eager boy donned a tuxedo and Mickey Mouse ears as he served food at Kids's Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that provides food for hungry kids, according to KSL.

"So many people helped me," the young boy explained. "So I wanted to help others."