08/30/2012 03:53 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

'Melissa & Joey' Finale: Somebody's Getting Married! (VIDEO)

After two seasons of sexual tension, finally Mel married Joe on the "Melissa & Joey" finale. Only it's not the marriage fans might have been anticipating. Joe had decided to step up and marry Elena to keep her from getting sent back to Russia, and in order to convince Immigration the wedding was real, Mel impulsively said she'd officiate.

But Mel isn't quite read to give up on Mr. Longo, so when it looked like Joe may have had real feelings for Elena and this wedding might be more authentic than she imagined, she balked. At least temporarily.

Mel's hesitation to finish the wedding ceremony may have lasted longer than the marriage itself. On their wedding night, Elena came down from the rush of the ceremony and realized she and Joe hadn't known one another long enough to have such deep feelings. She headed back to Russia, leaving the door open for Mel and Joey to get together in the future.

There's always next season to find a third Mrs. Longo. She may be closer than he thinks. Viewers will have to wait until Spring 2013 for the Season 3 bow of "Melissa & Joey" on ABC Family.

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