08/30/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Play Dead: Watch Miami's Own Dogs vs. Zombies Short Film (VIDEO)

We'd all like to think that if -- er, when -- the Zombie Apocalypse comes, our faithful canine friends will defend us to the end.

But maybe they'd just look on until our decaying arms pop off, then trot leash-free over to Dog Bar in Midtown to hang. Maybe they'd just get romantic somewhere in Wynwood. Maybe survivors would be forced to kill them for food.

So far few have asked the question like Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes, Miami brothers who created the short horror-comedy film "Play Dead" for last year's all-305 Borscht Film Festival. The grisly "unauthorized sequel to 'Homeward Bound'" follows a ragtag band of pups as they survive in a suddenly flesh-happy Magic City, where owners no longer play dead and a cone of shame may be left on forever.

Now that "Play Dead" has completed its tour of the horror film festival circuit, the short is up in full for all to see on Vimeo. In case you missed it at last year's Borscht, or are feeling like a bloody dose of adorable, click above to watch the whole thing -- and then head over to Miami New Times to see what other Borscht films are available now in full. (Warning: the flick is pretty gory and also contains strong language.)