08/30/2012 10:46 am ET

'Raising Hope': Melanie Griffth, Tippi Hedren Guest Star In Season 3 Premiere (VIDEO)

The Chances are back, and this time, they're joined by a legendary mother-daughter duo.

In the first look at Season 3 of "Raising Hope" (above), Jimmy's (Lucas Neff) girlfriend Sabrina's (Shannon Woodward) grandmother passes away. The unfortunate event brings Melanie Griffith (Tamara) and Tippi Hedren (Nana) into the picture, playing Sabrina's mother and grandmother respectively.

"I'm am so honored to be on 'Raising Hope,'" Griffith says in the video. "Tamara is a complete narcissist. Everything about her."

"I am playing the most despicable character!" Hedren adds.

"Raising Hope" centers on Jimmy (Neff), a 23-year-old attempting to raise his daughter Hope with the help of his eccentric family members, including his mom (Martha Plimpton), dad (Garret Dillahunt ) and Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman).

"I love [my character] very much and it's very far out," Leachman told HuffPost of Maw Maw. "I'm either sitting on the toilet saying, "It takes as long as it takes" when people try to get me out of the bathroom. Or I have no bra on at all and I'm going out the front door and down the street."

Season 3 of "Raising Hope" premieres on Tues., Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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