08/30/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ryan Lochte Clothing Line Is Actually Happening, Says Ryan Lochte

Remember the much-talked about, much-feared Ryan Lochte clothing line? Jeah, it's happening.

The Olympic swimmer, known as much for his flashy style as his speed in the water, told Celebuzz exclusively that he is planning to launch his own clothing line.

Or, he tries to. The interviewer on The Daily Buzz was insistent on getting some good entertainment dish, asking Lochte about his plans for a reality show (spoiler alert: he's "in talks" with E!). But all Lochte wants to talk about is his clothing line. When asked about the reality show, he says the show will "pretty much follow me of my normal day of just training and my new fashion line." When asked what will make the show unique, he replies "It's gonna be me, me being myself and I'm just pretty much gonna show the world that and my new fashion line."

So in case you had any doubts, Ryan Lochte has a fashion line on the way. He's already got plenty of custom grillz, special razors and a nearly-trademarked catchphrase. He's even got a top model all lined up to walk in his fashion show. Now all he needs is... actual clothing made by him.

Oh, and people to buy it.

Check out the interview below. Would you queue up for Ryan Lochte-designed duds?

Check out Ryan's signature style:

Ryan Lochte Style Evolution

[Via Styleite]

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