08/30/2012 09:10 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

'Tanning Mom' Patricia Krentcil Gets Roasted, Thrown Out At XL Cabaret (PHOTOS)

Andy Warhol accurately predicted that one day, everyone would get their 15 minutes of fame. New Jersey mother Patricia Krentcil got hers when she was accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth -- then defended herself on TV with her own burnt face in full view.

That incident and the media frenzy it ignited (yeah, we said it) happened way back in May. But Krentcil might still has some of her 15 minutes left, because she got her very own show at New York's XL Cabaret on Wednesday night. The show, entitled Hot Mess, was described by as follows:

The cast of Hot Mess will be prepared with jokes, songs, and dance numbers all poking fun at the expense of "Tan Mom." Hosts of the show, Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio, are especially tickled with excitement:

“We're planning to put her on the hot seat to grill her about her instant, red-hot fame. Hot Mess' Skyla Versai will even impersonate Patricia with a medley of Burn, Baby, Burn, I'm Burning Up, Baby I'm Burnin' with bacon sizzling sound effects in between."

Only some of which actually happened. The New York Post reports that Krentcil was inebriated, taking a tumble on the red carpet and lifting up her fiery red minidress for a rather purposeful "wardrobe malfunction." Later, after being "roasted" for a short period, she was removed from the venue.

See photos of the Hot Mess event below.

"Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil's XL Cabaret Show

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