08/31/2012 10:19 am ET

Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of Summer 2012: Stars On The Beach (PHOTOS)

Sure, this summer has been a sticky, sweaty scorcher, but we at HuffPost Celebrity are all about looking at the glass half-full -- the hotter the summer, the hotter the celebrity bikini bodies.

More than ever, this season the stars came out in droves to cool down at the beach, stripping down to their barely there bikinis and board shorts to take a dip in the water or sprawl out on the sand.

But while we have appreciation for all of these famous faces who were comfortable enough to take it all off -- no doubt aware of the lurking paparazzi -- there were a few ladies who stood out as this summer's sirens of the sea.

Who has the best bikini body of 2012? You decide! Check out all of the contenders in the slideshow below:

Celebrities Hit The Beach & Pool