08/31/2012 01:22 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

JetBlue Grants Jets Fan His Wish

David Baghdassarian is such a big Jets fan that before climbing on a plane from his home in Florida, he tweeted JetBlue marketing executive Marty St. George and CEO David Barger, requesting the opportunity to fly home in the airlines official Jets plane.

ESPN reports that the day after Baghdassarian made his unique request, he received a tweet back from JetBlue telling him to enjoy his flight on "JetGreen." The fan then boarded the unique airplane, which had been switched in for the flight.

Though the Jets plane has been part of the JetBlue fleet since 2010, it does not normally ferry fans. Baghdassarian, whose Florida license plate reads JTSFN, benefited from a combination of luck and kindness it seems.