08/31/2012 11:11 am ET

Lenny Kravitz Designs Paramount Bay's Public Spaces (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

You might think that, tasked with designing a space, Lenny Kravitz might just fill it with photos of himself shirtless, or Gina Gershon in a haze.

But when he founded his Kravitz Design studio in 2003, the rocker didn't run around slapping vinyl records and leather on every available surface, like a roaming insta-Hard Rock. Instead, he fitted the firm with a number of interior designers, architects, and creatives, a tasteful brew he reportedly plans to expand into a Ralph Lauren-style lifestyle brand with an eco-hotel on a Brazilian farm.

Kravitz already won acclaim in Miami with the firm's heralded original design of The Florida Room at the Delano Hotel, which after a relatively long life was tragically re-done last year as the nightclub FDR. But there's fresh Lenny to be had at the new 47-story residential tower Paramount Bay off Biscayne north of Downtown, where Kravitz designed both indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Check out Mr. American Woman's handiwork below:



Kravitz Design's Paramount Bay