08/31/2012 03:46 pm ET

10 Things Mentioned Less Than Small Business At The Republican National Convention

"Small business" was a major buzzword at the Republican National Convention, beating out major GOP talking points, like health care reform and the national debt, and more timely issues, like Hurricane Isaac.

The New York Times put together a list of the most popular terms used in speeches at the RNC, and found "small business" was mentioned 69 times. (See the full word cloud here.)

Themes of the economy and small business dominated the convention, with a special "We Built It" event meant to highlight small business owners who grew their businesses independent of government aid. The only problem was that at least three of the small business owners chosen to speak each received millions in government aid and contracts, undermining the resonance of the gaffe-turned-rallying cry.

The terms that ranked above small business were hardly surprising: "work" had 247 mentions, "jobs" had 220 and "economy" had 113, according to the Times. It's the words that fell below small business in mentions that are most revealing.

Decade-long wars in the Middle East that have cost upwards of $4 trillion dollars? Only mentioned 26 times. What about Medicare, which is proving to be a center of debate between President Obama and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan? Only mentioned 20 times.

Check out the slideshow below to see what other terms were used less frequently than "small business" at the RNC:

Things Mentioned Less Than Small Business At The Republican Convention