08/31/2012 05:04 am ET

'The American Bible Challenge' Introduces 'The Eye Of The Tebow' Challenge (VIDEO)

"The American Bible Challenge" was back for a second week, and it brought a new challenge with it, dubbed "The Eye of the Tebow." The premise was simple enough, if certainly difficult for anyone who's not either a hardcore fan of NFL player Tim Tebow, or really knows their Scripture.

Contestants had to fill in the blanks of Bible verses Tebow wore under his eyes during his college football days. They even had a picture to look at to draw inspiration from.

Only, it wasn't a picture of Tim Tebow. It was host Jeff Foxworthy's face instead.

"You know, I never realized Tim Tebow was so good looking. He’s always got that helmet on," Foxworthy said. "That is a handsome man right there."

The audience was loving the show in the studio, as were viewers at home. Broadcasting & Cable reported that 2 million viewers tuned in for last week's series premiere, setting a record for GSN. How many will come back for more?

Tune in every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on GSN to play along at home with "The American Bible Challenge."

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