08/31/2012 08:20 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

Tourist Gets Ultimate Gossip Girl Experience

An Australian traveler got the ultimate Gossip Girl tour this week after sneaking onto the soap's Waldorf Astoria set and being mistaken for an extra.

The Daily News reports that Kate Robertson, 26, headed to the Waldorf Astoria after hearing that her favorite show was being filmed there, explained to the staff that she was had reservations at the Peacock Alley restaurant and caught an elevator to the Grand Ballroom. Robertson found herself in an room set aside for extras, then in a hair stylist's chair, then in several scene featuring Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and Michelle Trachtenberg.

A spokesperson for the CW Network claimed that while few people make it as far as Robertson, it is not uncommon for fans to show up on location. In fact, On Location Tours offers trips around New York so fans of Gossip Girl can see exactly where their favorite episodes were shot.

Think Sex AndThe City tours for teenyboppers.

Robertson told that she managed to join the cast without ever taking off her flip-flops, adding that she planned to attempt to replicate the feat.

"I am hoping for more accidental run-ins and more accidental acting jobs," she said.

The icing on the cake for Robertson: She ran into her favorite actor on the show, Ed Westwick, a few days after crashing the set and told him about her hijinks. Robertson told the Daily News that the young heartthrob had a good laugh.