09/01/2012 09:46 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2012

Ann Romney Vogue Profile Fell Through: Has Anna Wintour Lost Her Political Clout?

Just how great is Anna Wintour's influence in the political realm? While we've come to know the Vogue editor as a pretty important Obama ally, it turns out that Ann Romney wasn't too keen on being featured in the fashion bible.

In a piece from the upcoming issue of The New Republic, a former Vogue staffer reveals that a feature on Ann Romney never came to pass because negotiations for the profile fell through. Wintour has certainly finagled her way into politics, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Obama campaign, hosting celeb-heavy fundraising events and recruiting fashion designer friends like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to whip up pieces for a pro-Obama Runway To Win collection -- but is this a major snub?

Perhaps Wintour's clout is Democrat-specific. Our current fashionable FLOTUS Michelle Obama has welcomed Vogue's advances since the beginning of her husband's 2008 campaign, sitting down for an interview in 2007, appearing on the magazine's cover after Obama's win and reportedly taking fashion advice from Wintour (we'd absolutely die to be a fly on the wall during one of those conversations).

So why the cold shoulder, Ann? Maybe now that she's officially made her style debut at the Republican National Convention, she'll be more inclined to get cozier with the fashion world. Or maybe it was a strategic decision to keep her distance from a luxury-heavy glossy whose editor in chief hasn't been too shy about her loyalty to the Obama campaign. Either way, we can't help but wonder: is Janna Ryan (and her Talbots dress) next on Vogue's list or has Anna Wintour soured on Republican ladies for now?

See Ann Romney's style. Would you want to see her in Vogue?

Ann Romney's Style Evolution

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