09/01/2012 07:58 pm ET

John Pettigrew Touchdown: Bowling Green TE Chris Pohlman Drags Teammate Into End Zone vs. Florida (VIDEO)

There's the Bush Push. And now, perhaps the Bowling Green Drag?

In the first quarter of Saturday's game between Bowling Green and No. 23 Florida in Gainseville, the Green Falcons struck first with a goal-line run by running back John Pettigrew to take a 7-0 lead. But fullback Chris Pohlman should get some credit for the score as well. The Gators defense had initially stonewalled Pettigrew, but Pohlman grabbed his teammate before Florida could bring him down and dragged him into the end zone.

Unfortunately for the Green Falcons, they weren't able to muster much else offensively. Kicker Stephen Stein missed both of his field goal attempts and Florida outscored Bowling Green 27-7 in the next three quarters to win 27-14.

But maybe the drag still won't be forgotten..

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