09/01/2012 12:56 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2012

Nigel Barker Forgives Tyra For Getting The Axe From ANTM

We were definitely sad to see Nigel Barker get fired from "America's Next Top Model" during Tyra Banks' unfortunate restructuring back in April, but Barker seems to be a true professional and doesn't harbor any resentment.

The former "Top Model" judge was the victim of a re-casting tactic meant to boost dropping ratings in the show's 18th season when his close friend Tyra gave him, Miss J and Jay Manuel the axe. But just in case you needed another reason to love Nigel, he told the New York Post that there really are no hard feelings between him and his former boss:

“I know it was tough on [Tyra] as well. It’s never easy to fire someone, least of all, of course, a friend. At the same time, this is business and things change. She’s a good girl, a strong woman, and she’s done a lot with her life.”

Well, that's certainly big of him. The photographer had a knack for making the girls feel comfortable in front of the camera -- quite a far cry from the way Bryanboy brings the models to tears, eh? But it seems like Nigel will still be tuning in to watch what Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone, Bryanboy and Johnny Wujek do with the 19th season. “It’s a great show,” Nigel told the Post. “The bottom line is, I’m happy for her, and we’re [Barker and wife Crissy] onto bigger and better things ourselves. We’re excited for the next chapter in all our lives.”

Nigel is set to appear on "The Face" with Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova, so it looks like he does have very good reason to stay positive.

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