09/02/2012 09:10 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

This week saw a number of interesting animal stories emerge. In Indonesia, a 40-year-old orangutan named Gober can now see her young twins for the first time after receiving successful cataracts surgery. According to the Associated Press, the operation was the first of its kind for an orangutan in Indonesia.

A chimpanzee at a sanctuary in Uganda has been dubbed a "genius" after researchers found her to be the smartest of the 106 animals tested in "the largest and most in-depth survey of chimpanzee intelligence," according to Science. Study author Esther Herrmann of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology said, "In general, we don’t find any kind of general intelligence factor that can predict intelligence in all areas. But we did find a big variation overall, and this one outstanding individual."

Animal researchers made another interesting find this week with the discovery of the "penis head" fish in Vietnam. The fish, named Phallostethus cuulong, was discovered in the Mekong Delta, according to LiveScience. The site notes, "This penis includes a rod and a jagged hook used for grabbing the female during sex."

In Washington, D.C., the National Zoo's American Trail exhibit has re-opened after a five-year, $42 million renovation. The Zoo's Chuck Fillah told WAMU-FM, "We created a habitat here that really simulates the Pacific Northwest. We have sea lions. We have a huge wave machine that actually creates an environment similar to the West Coast."

Sadly, a California hiker was mauled to death by a grizzly bear in Alaska's Denali National Park last week. 49-year-old Richard White, of San Diego, "photographed the male bear for at least eight minutes from a distance of 50 to 100 yards" before the attack, according to AP. State troopers subsequently shot and killed the bear.

In case you missed this cute animal video, check out the koala that swims up to a canoe, hops in and hangs out with humans.

Check out some of the week's best animal photos below:

Animal Photos Of The Week 9/2/12