09/02/2012 07:32 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2012

Nancy Pelosi Raises Millions Ahead Of Democratic Convention

WASHINGTON -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) raised $6.8 million in August, her office revealed just ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Pelosi's travels over the past five weeks included 62 fundraising events in eight states, one U.S. territory and the District of Columbia. By contrast, her Republican counterpart, House Speaker John Boehner (Ohio), raised $4 million and hit 47 events during his 23-day August road trip, according to his office.

Pelosi is known for her fundraising prowess. In this Congress alone, she has hit more than 550 fundraising events and raised some $65 million. She reached a milestone in July when she surpassed $300 million in fundraising since becoming part of the House Democratic leadership in 2002.

The Huffington Post caught up with Pelosi during her fundraising swing through Florida in early August. In the span of 24 hours, she headlined two Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee receptions, a Medicare and Social Security event at a senior citizens' center, a meeting with Boca Raton community leaders, and a reception for House Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy.

Despite the different crowds, her message at all five events was the same: Republicans don't think the government should have any role in people's lives.

"They really do not believe in a public role," Pelosi told donors at a private reception in Boca Raton with House candidate Lois Frankel. She summed up the last year and a half as a time of House Republicans systematically voting to dismantle the government to its core.

Republicans put forward bills every day stating that "no funds can be used for implementing regulations for clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public education, public transportation, public health, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security," Pelosi said, adding, "They think Social Security has no place in a free society."

The California Democrat pushed the same dire warning at another big-ticket event in Fort Lauderdale.

"They don't believe in the public role," she told a room of about 60 wealthy donors. "As long as you know that, you know that if they win -- and God willing, I'm quite certain the president will win -- it will be more obstruction. And that's just not good for our country."

Pelosi's message resonated with at least some of her listeners: She raised about $400,000 on her Florida swing.



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