09/02/2012 02:13 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2012

Pay De Limon, Dog Who Had Paws Cut Off By Mexican Drug Cartel, Gets Prosthetic Limbs (VIDEO)

Last year, a dog was found abandoned in a dumpster in the Fresnillo district of Mexico City -- its front paws cut off, bleeding, and left for dead. Now, Pay de Limon (lemon pie) has recovered and is mobile -- all because of the prosthetic legs provided by Milagros Caninos (canine miracles), a rescue center in Mexico, the Daily Mail reports.

The center claims that Limon's grisly injuries were the result of drug cartels using the dog to 'practice' torture techniques, according to the Daily Mail. "Pay de Limon had the misfortune of running into an organized crime group and they used him to practice cutting off each one of his paws, like they do when they cut fingers off human beings that have been kidnapped," Patricia Ruiz, founder of Milagros Caninos, told Reuters. Mutilations are unfortunately common in the drug war.

According to the Toronto Sun, the rescue center raised more than $6,000 in order to buy Pay de Limon's prosthetic limbs from a company in Colorado. Molds of the dog's legs were sent to OrthoPets, a company that "biomechanically correct orthotics and prosthetics for animals."

Fortunately, Limon can now move around the rescue center almost normally, and is "gradually getting used to wearing the prosthetics," according to NTDTV. The dog is an example of the staggering human and animal casualties from the drug war.

According to the Daily Mail, almost 47,000 people have died in the last six years, after the government began to send troops into gang strongholds.