09/03/2012 07:11 pm ET

Ankha Marza, Joint Venture Connector, Shares Energy Tips At HuffPost's Oasis

Ankha Marza, a joint venture connector, knows a thing or two about unplugging and recharging. She checked in to HuffPost's Oasis and shared her centering secrets, which include turning inward, seeking superfoods and expressing love. Read below to learn more.

1. How do you unplug and recharge?
Turning within is the main way for me to fully feel in my being. Exploring that inner world is truly what helps me keep the most grounded and what helps me to be able to radiate the most energy into the world.

Being in nature is a huge source of energy for me; putting my feet on the ground and tuning in to the electromagnetic field of the earth so that it enhances the electromagnetic force of who I am. And love –- being in love, giving and receiving –- it’s not about being in a relationship it’s about being in love so that you can experience that state of being in every cell of your body, and simply exude that.

2. How many hours of sleep do you get?
Seven to eight hours.

3. What's your top beauty tip (can be for inner or outer)?
Love and confidence -– the moment when you really are able to tune into yourself and know who you are and express that in all that you do -– you’re absolutely beautiful.

4. What's your quick health fix to restore your energy when you start feeling run down?
I meditate. My number one go-to is going into meditation and aligning my energy with universal energy that truly feeds and nourishes me. At the physical level [I turn to] superfoods like hemp protein powder, green powders, medicinal mushrooms and all kinds of fruits, like pomegranates.

5. What foods keep you feeling balanced?
Avocado is very important to my body. It’s a very grounding food for me. Superfoods -- I do a lot of those. The food I eat in general -- it’s important that it’s organic and has a high frequency. I believe whatever we put into our body or onto our body has a direct consequence for our own frequency. It’s all a journey of self-discovery -- your relationship with foods, emotions, state of mind and being really teaches you about who you are and what you want and where you can go. It’s this universal dance that you do with everything you come in contact with.

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