09/03/2012 09:52 am ET

The Best Political Jokes Of The Week: The RNC Edition (VIDEO)

Last week's Republican National Convention provided more than enough material for our favorite late night talk show hosts. After all, Clint Eastwood's chair speech alone would have done the trick.

David Letterman focused on the ever-baffling "war on women" that keeps going throughout the presidential race, while Stephen Colbert took on Ann Romney and Chris Chrstie's contradictory speeches. Conan's political correspondent Deon Cole probably had the most exciting week afte he was thrown out of the convention on the first day for trying out some new material on the official podium (the Secret Service wasn't exactly down with that).

But Jon Stewart stole the show this week, first with his interview with former RNC chairman Michael Steele, then with his thorough takedown of the Eastwood/Chair event aptly titled, "Fistful of Awesome." Watch all of the week's funniest political jokes in the video above!

Video by Oliver Noble



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