09/03/2012 03:55 pm ET

TV's Most Dynamic Duos: ABC And Paley Center Count Down The Most Memorable On-Screen Partnerships (VIDEO)

TV is full of legendary partnerships; from Mulder and Scully to Laverne and Shirley, so many of our favorite shows are synonymous with the on-screen couples who make them so compelling. In honor of this, ABC teamed up with the Paley Center for Media to present "TV's Most Dynamic Duos" (Sun., Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. ET), which counted down 30 of the most iconic TV pairings, whether they were friends, couples, workmates or some combination of all three.

It seemed like a daunting task, and we're certain the results will draw more than a little debate (are Joey and Chandler of "Friends" truly more legendary than Ross and Rachel?) -- but we doubt many will argue with the couple who drew the top spot: "Seinfeld's" George Constanza and Jerry Seinfeld.

Check out who else made the list and weigh in with your choices below.

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