09/03/2012 10:27 am ET

America's Worst-Paying Jobs: Report

Hope you're all having a nice Labor Day weekend! But while enjoying the time off, shopping for mattresses or whatever, please take a moment to remember that most Americans aren’t really getting paid that much.

Here's the real problem: Most of the jobs lost during the recession paid middle-income wages, while three-fifths of the jobs gained in the recovery are low-wage, according to a recent report from the National Employment Law Project. And some sectors with the fastest job growth, like retail and food services, are also some of the worst paying.

Yes, on the low-paying job front, the United States is the worst in the developed world. In 2009, the U.S. had the highest share of low-wage workers out of all the countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, according to an April report from a University of Oregon economist. Enjoy the weekend.

Below are some of the lowest paying jobs in America:

Lowest Paying Jobs In America