09/04/2012 11:03 am ET

6 Things You Cannot Change

1. What you like.
No matter how much Pitchfork and your frequent scarf-wearing friends would like to convince you otherwise, you might just not like “cool” music. There might be this one band out there that just totally changes the way you think about electronica, man, and you just can’t even imagine how much it will blow your mind — but you still just enjoy the Spice Girls. You try to get into it. You try to change the fundamental composition of your brain into something that might appreciate the Thom Yorke-meets-Daft Punk aesthetic they so enjoy, but it just might not be your thing. And if guys who look like Benedict Cumberbatch are your ideal human specimen? You do you, weirdo! I mean, to many other people, he might look like a melting candle shaped like a My Little Pony, but to you, he is Prince Charming incarnate. And that’s just your thing. No matter what your tastes are — or what another person might smugly think of them — it’s just a part of you. No sense in trying to force yourself to like what everyone else on the playground deems “hip.” Just enjoy your raisin-filled cookies and Jessie J albums. It’s okay.

2. Your family.
Yes, it’s unfortunate that, at certain holidays, you have to go back and deal with your drunken aunt who won’t stop scaring away every love interest you’ve managed to wrangle home for a day or two with her horrifying stories of “when she used to be beautiful.” And maybe your mother’s constant needling about how you should be living in a bigger apartment because won’t that be perfect for when you get married because you are getting married aren’t you? is less-than-ideal. But these are the people you were born into, and they will likely always remain a part of your life, for better or for worse. And frankly, no matter how irritating their follies are when magnified around an overfull dinner table, you’ll probably miss them when they’re gone. Might as well try to get to know them as human beings and look at the bright side of their personalities — I know, I know, it’s so weird.

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