09/04/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andrea Mitchell, Megyn Kelly Battle Extremely Loud Music During DNC Coverage (VIDEO)

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Andrea Mitchell and Megyn Kelly had to contend with a musical rehearsal that threatened to drown out their entire shows on Tuesday.

Both hosts were taping their shows live from Charlotte, where the Democratic National Convention is set to begin on Tuesday night.

For Mitchell, the trouble appeared to start during her conversation with Sen. Dick Durbin. All of a sudden, booming drums began to overwhelm the conversation. Then a bass cut in. Then people started singing. "There's a chorus!" Durbin said.

Over the next 45 minutes, Mitchell battled what turned out to be the singer Ledisi, who was rehearsing for a performance later in the day. Clearly, Ledisi's mike was in full working order.

"Thank you so much, the music has rejoined us," Mitchell said to one guest. "I mean, this is the spot!" she said to another.

During her last segment, she dubbed her show "Club Mitchell," adding dryly, "We've just heard the musical stylings of Ledisi."

"I kind of miss the music," guest Chris Cilizza said. "I don't at all," Mitchell replied.

On Fox News, Kelly was facing the same problems. "Is this music as irritating to viewers at home as it is to me?" she asked two of her guests at one point. Speaking to another, she said, "This is how I'm going to do the interview now. I'm going to stuff my earpiece in my ear. Hopefully I'll have hearing by the end of the interview."

More irritating for the two women was the fact that Ledisi took breaks, lulling them into thinking she was ending her rehearsal.

"They're back!" Kelly seethed as the show returned from a commercial. "It was nice and quiet during the break, and just as we came back on the air they started playing again."

Watch Mitchell's futile fight above, and Kelly's below.


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