09/04/2012 11:22 am ET

David Wetherill Shot: British Table Tennis Player Scores Incredible Point At Paralympics (VIDEO)

David Wetherill of England made what might be the highlight of the Paralympics on Friday in a table tennis match against Germany's Thomasz Kusiak.

Due to a rare, genetic bone development disorder called multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, Wetherill needs a crutch to walk -- and play table tennis. In the middle of an intense rally, the 23-year-old Wetherill -- who competed in his first Paralympics in Beijing -- got caught on the left side as Kusiak hit the ball to his right. Wetherill dove to his right, steadying himself with the crutch before lunging for the ball. At full extension, he then hit a cross-court forehand that barely clipped the table and went out of his opponent's reach for the point.

The crowd erupted along with the announcer who called the shot "ridiculous" more than once.

Although Wetherill went on to lose the match, many who saw the shot tweeted their reactions and the Paralympian responded.