09/04/2012 07:13 pm ET

London Commuter Cuddles With Complete Stranger, Rakesh Nair, But His Wife Was Not Amused (VIDEO)

An awkward but amusing moment shared between strangers traveling home from work on the London Tube almost turned into disaster for one of the commuters when his wife misunderstood the incident.

Croydon resident Rakesh Nair was traveling home when a young woman sleeping in the seat next to him, identified in the New York Daily News as Paula Jovel, turned to him and started to cuddle in her sleep. Hilarity and embarrassment ensue when Jovel wakes up with her arms around the befuddled Nair.

More than 566,000 viewers have watched the clip of the encounter on YouTube, which was filmed by a fellow passenger on the Jubilee line in August, according to the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately for Nair, one of those viewers was his wife, Latha, and she was less than pleased.

"She didn't think it was funny to begin with," Nair told the Croydon Advertiser. "She thought it was a work colleague or someone I knew and started accusing me of these things."

Nair, a chef who lives with his wife and their 7-year-old son, said he was eventually able to convince his family the video was purely innocent.

"She was convinced, eventually, and saw the funny side. All is well," Nair said. "Most people getting home at that time have been working and are obviously very tired, they don't quite know what's happening."