09/04/2012 03:30 pm ET

'Save Harry' Video Game Inspired By Prince Harry's Strip Billiards Scandal (VIDEO)

Prince Harry's latest tabloid exploits -- leaked photographs from a Vegas strip billiards romp -- have spawned supportive Facebook pages and a legion of naked copycats in arms, but a small tech company has taken the royal redhead's most recent scandal and turned it into a hilarious new video game called "Save Harry."

The concept of the game is simple: Using the arrow keys and space bar on their keyboard, players must navigate a naked Harry through a hotel, ducking and dodging to avoid the prying camera flashes of assembled partiers in bikinis, staff members and paparazzi. If players stray into the line of an errant camera, they officially "lose" and are faced with a tabloid cover with the headline, "Harry grabs the crown jewels."

Gamers can earn extra points by picking up "bonus objects" scattered throughout the game's several levels, including billiard balls and a framed photo of Her Majesty, the Queen -- all of which are also used hide the prince's private parts.

The game, launched by, is the brainchild of a pair of Dutch developers in their 20s, TechCrunch reports.

“To us, the way in which this prince made the news was so funny that we simply had to use this opportunity,” 22-year-old GamesOnly founder Robin Ras told TechCrunch in an email.

Since the fiasco at a Vegas hotel suite, Prince Harry has been keeping a low profile. On Monday, however, Harry made his first public appearance since the incident, stepping out at a London event, according to Yahoo! UK. The prince attended a charity awards ceremony and met some of the children helped by the WellChild organization.